Made with 100% Passion

The Authorities started with our love of sports and the passion we displayed when cheering for our favorite teams. Come game day, we all happily squeezed into old jerseys falling apart at the seams and joined similarly attired fellow fans at the stadium, the bar, and the friend’s house with the biggest flat screen TV.

The solidarity was great, of course, but we couldn't help but notice how uninspired most of this fan gear was. So we thought it over, and realized that not only were there probably other people who agreed with us, but they also might even have the skills, the know-how, the inspiration to update these hats, shirts, sweats, headbands—all the sporting paraphernalia that makes a fan a fanatic—putting a new spin onto their favorite teams’ classic looks.

Original Artwork by Professionals.

Which got us to thinking again:
"How can we apply this model to other aspects of our lives where we find creativity somewhat lacking?" And we realized it can be applied pretty much to any of our favorite things: music, movies, sports, books, events, you name it. The Authorities is an artist community that creates limited edition apparel and accessories inspired by our favorite things.

Expression. Originality. Re-imagine. Celebrate. Stories. Composition and Color.